Treat, Don’t Trick Your Skin This Halloween
October 16, 2020

Treat, Don’t Trick Your Skin This Halloween

As the leaves start to fall from the trees and the air gets a bit of a chill, it can only mean one thing: Halloween is approaching. Halloween is a holiday that is loved and looked forward to by people of all ages, especially among those of us who love playing with makeup and dressing up. Unfortunately, all of that harsh Halloween makeup and face paint can really take a toll on the skin. In this post, we’ll go over how to protect your skin from the scary side effects this Halloween.

What to do before Halloween
In order to make sure your skin endures minimal damage on Halloween night, you must start protecting it ahead of time. Before you start applying your costume makeup, Halloween night and a few nights beforehand, experts recommend exfoliating your skin, hydrating, and priming it. To prep your skin, use a cleanser to wash your face. Next, gently exfoliate by using the tips of your fingers in light circular motions. Last but absolutely not least, get your hydration on. When your skin is hydrated, it will be less likely to absorb all of your makeup. Now that your face is ready for makeup, you should apply a primer. Primer creates one extra barrier between your skin and your makeup—the more protection when it comes to our skin, the better.

Choose the right makeup
We know that the cheap Halloween makeup and face paint is screaming at you with its extremely low price, but please, try to avoid the temptation. The price you will pay in terms of damaged skin is not worth the discount at the Halloween store counter. This is especially true if you suffer from acne or rosacea. There’s no sense irritating your skin with cheap products when there are good-for-your-skin products available. Try using as much of your normal, high-quality makeup as possible. For example, try blending some of the colors together to create a witchy green or the blackest black. Store-bought Halloween makeup is generally loaded with artificial colors, fragrances, and chemicals that can irritate the skin even if it’s worn just for the night. When shopping for Halloween makeup, try to look for natural products that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

What to do after Halloween
Here’s where the real frights roll in. It’s midnight, and it’s time to wash off the layers of foundation, blush, fake blood, and face paint that has been applied. Under absolutely no circumstance should you even think about sleeping with any of your Halloween makeup on! The first step is to use makeup remover to start the process of removing your makeup. Next, use a facial oil or cleanser, or both in order to draw the makeup out of your pores. Repeat this process as much as needed to remove all remnants. If you are trying to remove face paint and it’s not budging, use a warm cloth with makeup removing oil to draw out the makeup gently. Then you will want to cleanse again. A double cleanse will help take off even the most wicked makeup.
Don’t sacrifice the skin you work so hard for just for one night of ghoulish fun. Plan ahead and take the time to take your makeup off properly, and your skin will thank you in return.